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Friday, February 18, 2011

~Tutorial-Making A Simple Nylon Stocking Flower, Part 2~

~Continuation from previous post PART 1~
Now that we have 5 petals ready, it is time to assemble it.

Divide the white stamens into 2 by using a floral wire. The amount of stamens used are according to your liking (and budget of course! :P)

Hold the stamens and proceed by adding a petal to it. Tie the petal and the stamens together with thread.

 Continue adding all petals, one at a time. Arrange it nicely.

Then , tidy up the joining point with the floral tape.

There you go, a simple nylon stocking flower which can be turn into bunga telur or bunga dulang :)

*Tips : You still can shape up the petals by pinching the wires eventhough it's already done.. However, be extra careful as the stocking are easy to be torn. You don't want to redo the whole process again rite.

Below are example of a single tone flower. I pinched the outer frame slightly and used crepe paper to substitute the stamens :)

Nylon stocking flower
Do try this ya :)

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