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Monday, October 24, 2011

~Bridal hand bouquet FOR SALE-Purple/Cream Artificial flowers~

A bouquet of my own taste. Made this with love..and is up for grab!

Materials - Good quality artificial flowers and greeneries.
Handle adorned with satin ribbons and brooch.
3 yellow butterflies.

(Pictures are shot with a simple canon camera and with minor brightness/contrast adjustment. The bouquet itself are just pretty! )

bridal bouquet with butterflies.

satin ribbons with brooch finishing

purple and cream bouquet

SOLD to Berry 

Suitable for wedding reception and outdoor photoshoot. 
Simple yet breathtaking.

Are you longing for this?

Email me at

Saturday, October 22, 2011

~Bridesmaid wristlet~

 As salam to all readers. 
Sekarang ni musim hujan petang at my area here in Subang Perdana.. 
Sejukkk..Sangat sesuai untuk berhibernasi kan?Hihi :)
Too bad I'm really really busy lately. Siapkan tempahan..

This time around, I managed to complete 10 pieces of hand corsages. For bridesmaid.
I used big roses (good quality, the petals are sort of velvety) as the main flowers and letak mini flowers on the left and right. Bought the roses at a shop somewhere in Jitra, Kedah during my trip balik kampung last 2 weeks. 

Bridesmaid Hand Corsage
Flowery Hand Corsage

The bride to be herself, supplied me the pink brooches to be glued to the center of the rose.  Love it!

Till then :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

~Alternative for bridal crowns-Juliet Cap~

Besides CIRCLET, The everly romantic Juliet Cap can also be worn to replace bridal crown.
So, What is a Juliet cap?

Juliet Cap: A small, round cap which fits snugly on top of the head, made of open weave fabric and usually decorated with pearls or semi-precious stones. The modern version of a Juliet Cap may be a wide band that secures to the crown of the head.

Wikipedia : A Juliet cap is a small open-work crocheted or mesh cap, often decorated with pearlsbeads or jewels, and chiefly worn with evening dresses or as bridal wear. The cap is named after the heroine of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.[1]

Here's some pictures that I GOOGLED. Enjoy :)

This one is together with the veil version. Stunningly vintage kan?

Well, the most famous Juliet cap goes to Grace Kelly's. Forever inspiring.

Anybody into this Juliet Cap?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

~Current project-Satin bouquet~

Hey all.
I'm too lazy too blog these days.. Eventhough with loads of things to share.
Too many things on my mind. Here's one :

light cream and white satin flowers
bridal bouquet

Still incomplete. And need a few changes. 
Hopefully it will turn out ok, if not amazing :)