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Sunday, February 27, 2011

~Closing for June-Tempahan Bunga Pahar~

Craftsfrenzy is fully booked for bunga pahar/bunga telur until June..
Tak menang tangan dah mak...Quota dah cukup..Tak boleh tamak :P
However, orders for bunga tangan/bunga dulang are still can be considered :)
Thanks for those who ordered!
I'll do my best.

MmMMuuaaahhh :)

~Roses Sheath Bouquet~

There was few stalk of roses left when I finished making the Solemnization bouquet.
So I made a sheath bouquet out of it. This time I added some 'Sundal Malam'.. ( Teringat cerita Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam...)

Roses and Achillea Sheath bouquet
Roses vs Sundal Malam
Seharum bunga...Yang menggoda... :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

~Presenting-Baihaqky's Solemnization Bouquet~

What will you get when you combine....

This flowers
Roses @ mawar
With this flowers

Achillea also commonly known as yarrow.
And this leaves??

platycerium @ daun tanduk rusa??

This is what you'll get!!! :)
Posy rose bouquet for my senior's solemnization.
Their attire will be cream therefore they requested something contrast which hopefully will look good in photos..

Solemnization bouquet
White satin ribbon with filligree 
Velvet dark pink rose with white pearls..

Cantik tak? 
Hope he likes it :P
Congratulations to the both of them :)

~Faceblog Frenzy!!~

Faceblog is the IN thing right now!!! It is here with the hope to strengthen and build bloggers community especially in Malaysia and also the whole wide world :)
The theme is similar to Facebook as it share the same goal, connecting and  reaching to community. 
So bloggers, do join ya :)
Totally cool!! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

~Fresh Flowers bouquet~

Pheww..Just got a call from my senior. He wants a bouquet for his akad nikah ceremony this Saturday.
Now cracking my head.. Should it be something like...


Or this?
Owh..Ideas ideas ideas..Come to mamma!!

*Pictures are courtesy or darling Google :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

~Testimonial-Ismarinny (Bunga Tangan)

Love dealing with her!!!She's all the way from Sabah, not fussy and trust me completely :) At first she ordered a bunga tangan. Yellow colour. Then she wanted another one in red, different flowers..
So here are the two bunga tangan I made for her.

Red rose bouquet
Yellow bouquet
Pictures from her wedding :

And guess what..She ordered a third bunga tangan after she received the other two :)
This time, she requested for blue calla lily bouquet..

Blue calla lily bouquet

Congratulations on your wedding Ismarinny. 
I hope you like all the bouquets :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~Handmade Wedding gift~

Last Saturday, I went to my ex-schoolmates wedding.. Buat dekat Dewan Sri Melati, Putrajaya. Betul2 depan Istana Kehakiman. The bride was in the same batch as me while the groom is a year senior. The wedding then turned into a mini reunion for us Jiwarians :) Met a teacher there too :) The ever lovely Cikgu Jimah :) Since I didn't have time (and transport) to buy a gift for the couple, I decided to give them my handmade gift. A pot of flowers!

Jiwarians 2003 with the couple

My wedding gift to them

Nylon stocking flowers arrangement
It took me about 4 hours to complete it. The white pot is from IKEA and the nylon stockings are whatever left lying around in my stock.
I hope their love will bloom always, like the flowers! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

~Thumbs down for MYFASHIONSTYLE.COM!!~

Ok, I purchased 2 winter coats and a shirt from the website on 17 December 2010.
I got the confirmation order that the items are available, and paid a sum of RM174.
Then, after they received the payment, they said 2 of the items are not available. Asked me to change. Pulak.
Aku pun tukarlah..2 kali jugakla tukar. Last2 change to another coat and shirt which is RM9 cheaper.
They told me that I'll received the items in 2 weeks. Penipu betul. Sebulan lebih baru sampai! Penat la aku email tanya. Dahla sampai pun tak cukup 1 item. With a note asking me to change it again. Berapa kali nak tukar ni???
I've emailed them to cancel the order ( before CNY).3 kali ok.Tup2 lepas CNY diorang hantar jugak baju tu. BUT, wrong colour!!!
Buta warna agaknya. Order hitam, dapat biru. If ada notification bolehla gak. Ni main hentam je.
Ini boleh menimbulkan amarah. Bangang betul. Da isi complain form, email berjuta kali pun, tapi tak dilayan.. WOI..macamana korang buat business ni???!@#%^&
I just want my refund!!! Balance RM9 tu boleh je korang buat senyap..Sengal.

Marahnya aku..
Marahnya aku..
Marahnya aku..

~Eurotrip Frenzy!!~

The clock is ticking..The clock is ticking..Counting days to my second Eurotrip..Yeay!!
(Thanks MAS for the priviledges..Muah!!)
4 March 2011-12 March 2011.
This time around gonna touch down at London and will be back from Amsterdam..
Stop at Paris for two nights :) Will be accompanied by my two sisters, brother in law and two mischievous kids.
Here are some pictures from my previous Eurotrip.

Winter blooms-Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal
Belgian Lace-Brussels
Heidelberg Schloss- Germany

Les halles-Paris
Snow! @ Stuttgart
Can't wait!

Friday, February 18, 2011

~Tutorial-Making A Simple Nylon Stocking Flower, Part 2~

~Continuation from previous post PART 1~
Now that we have 5 petals ready, it is time to assemble it.

Divide the white stamens into 2 by using a floral wire. The amount of stamens used are according to your liking (and budget of course! :P)

Hold the stamens and proceed by adding a petal to it. Tie the petal and the stamens together with thread.

 Continue adding all petals, one at a time. Arrange it nicely.

Then , tidy up the joining point with the floral tape.

There you go, a simple nylon stocking flower which can be turn into bunga telur or bunga dulang :)

*Tips : You still can shape up the petals by pinching the wires eventhough it's already done.. However, be extra careful as the stocking are easy to be torn. You don't want to redo the whole process again rite.

Below are example of a single tone flower. I pinched the outer frame slightly and used crepe paper to substitute the stamens :)

Nylon stocking flower
Do try this ya :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

~Tutorial-Making A Simple Nylon Stocking Flower, Part 1~

Hey ya! :) Let's us try to make nylon stocking flower together.This tutorial is a very basic one. No intricate design whatsover :) 

Simple Nylon stocking flower
You will need nylon stocking (exclusive for flower making,not to wear!) Either single or dual tone. The single tone is cheaper, around RM1.50 per piece. The price for the dual tone is higher, RM2.++ (sorry can't remember the exact price :( )
I used purple stockings, white stamens, green floral tape and silver wires in this tutorial. The colour can be changed accordingly to your liking.
*Tips : Buy brightly coloured stocking or darker colour. As it will be stretched, the stocking colour will be softer/pale. Unless you don't mind. Haha
The materials
*Ensure that the wires are not too soft as it cannot retain the shape of the flowers. Most crafts shop sells two type. The softer one is for making dip flowers while the harder one is for stocking flowers. Make sure you buy the correct one! The wires come in gold and silver along with few other colours.

1) First of all, cut the silver wires into 4. Then, make a loop by twisting the end together by using a plier.

*You will need to twist 5 wires to make 5 petals flower

2) Next, carefully wrap the loop with stocking, starting at one end.

The back and front of the petal must be fully covered and stretched before tying it with thread. Do not overstretch it as the stocking can be torn easily.

Repeat the step until all 5 petals are nicely wrapped. Snip off the excess stockings with a pair of sharp scissor.
*Tips : Hold the petal as the picture below. Using your left thumb and ring finger, stretch the excess stocking while cutting it. This way, you'll get a clean cut, and save the stocking a lot. 

 There you go, 5 petals ready to be assembled. Bravo! :)

*If you wish to make flowers with more petals, like roses, you need to make around 14 petals or more.

That's all for now. To be continue in part 2. Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

~Red And White~

The pictures below are taken from a relative's wedding back in 2009. Held on 13th of December in Kepala Batas, Kedah. My hometown! :) I acted as Maid Of Honour and I helped to make the bunga pahar too :)

See how serious and dedicated I am? :P
sorry gambar buruk sikit
Red Q-dip are used to make the bunga telur along with the white colour for the tiny heart :)

Me with the bride
Posing at the dais is a must :P Hihi

Me with the groom
And this is their dais with the bunga pahar on the left and right :)

Bunga pahar dip merah
These happily married couple are soon to be mom and dad. Congratulations for the great news! :)
Hey,their child is my 'grandchildren' (The bride's mom is my cousin).
I'm already a Grandmother at 25 :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

~Sisterly Love: hantaran for him~

I love my sister :) That's why I help her on her wedding day. Buatkan hantaran and bunga pahar dip purple colour (macam Deep Purple, the band pulak :P) A day before the wedding baru kalut beli barang2 nak decorate hantaran. Last minute job. Hehe
Jom layan..Zaass!!! (read it ala2 melodi TV3 :P)

Sirih junjung kepala adat
Towel for the newly wed
fresh fruits set
Daun anggur tu curik from my bro's house :P He planted it..dah berbuah many times tapi tak sempat rasa lagi. Anggur tu beli :P

Cloud9 set
Cloud9 set ni supposed ada pearl string. Ntah lesap mana during this pic was taken.

Perfume set
potpourri set
Bunga batu kecik2 tu pun buat sendiri..

Box set.
Dalam box ni ada halwa maskat bentuk ikan. Halwa maskat ni manisan traditional..Rasanya kat Kedah ja yang banyak.
Hantaran artificial flowers

Ok, I know bunga bukan exactly purple colour :P Plum colour kan. Argued with my sis at the flower shop.. Banyak sgt purple nanti tak naik pulak seri hantaran..Plus, I think this colour is rich, nampak expensive. The other purple looks cheap, tak cantik. Bunga letak 4 ja coz my sis budget.hehe :P