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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

~Red And White~

The pictures below are taken from a relative's wedding back in 2009. Held on 13th of December in Kepala Batas, Kedah. My hometown! :) I acted as Maid Of Honour and I helped to make the bunga pahar too :)

See how serious and dedicated I am? :P
sorry gambar buruk sikit
Red Q-dip are used to make the bunga telur along with the white colour for the tiny heart :)

Me with the bride
Posing at the dais is a must :P Hihi

Me with the groom
And this is their dais with the bunga pahar on the left and right :)

Bunga pahar dip merah
These happily married couple are soon to be mom and dad. Congratulations for the great news! :)
Hey,their child is my 'grandchildren' (The bride's mom is my cousin).
I'm already a Grandmother at 25 :)


  1. hehe...thanks to you too..rasa tua btul skang.bertambah collection "cucu" :P