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I love crafts and Lovee DIY so much..I'm happily selling them at affordable price. So, this is the very place where I share my crafts project and also my other passions in life :) Enjoy!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

~Bunga tangan stocking for sell~

Special promotion, purple bunga tangan up for grab. Only one!!
Sangat murah okay...
With butterfly filligree encrusted ribbon :)
Suitable for Solemnization ceremony.

nylon stocking callalily bouquet
purple callalily handbouquet
Sheath/arm bouquet arrangement.

Do contact me :)

~Current project teaser :P~

Happily making something pink, something blue bunga dulang hantaran for the past few days.. :) 
Materials : Nylon stocking.

Fancy these?
Do contact  me :)

*RM25 stocking hand bouquet coming soon.Only one for sell.Purple!*

Saturday, March 26, 2011

~Flowers frenzy!-Hyacinth~

Introducing HYACINTH, my second flower to honor spring :)
Hyacinth are small flowers that comes in cluster and have pleasant smell.
Cantik, vibrant colour!

colourful hyacinth

Below are some ideas on how you can use this flowers to brighten up your wedding :)

Hyacinth centrepiece.
Hyacinth handbouquet
Hyacinth wedding invitation
hyacinth plate decorations.

And here are hyacinth that I made using two tone purple nylon stockings :)

bunga telur hyacinth

Friday, March 25, 2011

~Flowers frenzy!-Calla Lilies~

Spring is here!! (Ok, not in Malaysia obviously)
To honor spring I'll be posting about flowers. Hopefully it will help in any kind of way..maybe for B2B which haven't decide which flowers to use..
First flower that I'm gonna introduce is my favourite of course. CALLA LILIES. Which spells beauty and simplicity.

Here are some ways of using calla lilies for your wedding :)

As centrepiece
Simple and nice..Just fill up a clear long vase with water then walla!! :)

As boutonniere
As hand bouquet
Calla lilies is perfect for sheath bouquet. Just tie it with ribbons. Cantik without much effort :)  Also use it with with other flowers for more intricate, cascading bouquet. 

As cake decorations

As tiara/headband
*pictures are googled*

And here are calla lilies I made using nylon stockings :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

~ORIGAMI frenzy!!~

OMG!!Totally crazy with these origamis.
Creative and cantik sangat..Mostly made from Washi paper..
Bring back good memories of my Japanase language classes..

Kimono Origami bookmark

 I think these would be a great doorgift/souvenir for guest and friends kan ?
Great idea for DIY..Invitation card perhaps?
butterfly origami
 And this one suitable as deco on guestbook/hantaran or even dais!

angel origami

Oooh..definitely need to shop for washi papers now.Mane nak cari??I think DAISO ade..
Gonna be my next craft project when I got time.Can't wait. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

~Bahan Bunga DIP for order~

There's quite a few people who contact me asking about where to get the materials for making dip flowers,. Therefore I am gladly offering help in getting the materials for those in need. Especially the Q-dip.


Q-dip (Red,green,pink,yellow,black,purple,blue and white) price per bottle is RM16.
(Normal price RM16.80.I got lil bit of discount :p )

The colours of dip that I always used :)
Gold and silver Q-dip Rm19 per bottle. (Normal price RM19.90)
Thinner RM11.80.

Q-dip thinner

Strengthener RM24 per bottle.
Silver/gold wires. 50 for RM4.50. (RM0.09 each.Length 80cm each)

I can send them to all over Malaysia. Postage fee will be bore buy buyers of course :)

PosLaju (price determine by volumetric)
Normal pos to Sem.M'sia RM7 flatrate up until 2KG via land.
To East M'sia starts from RM8.50 for 500 grams via Air.
( To check rates click here)

*It may takes some time to order the dip materials depending on availability of the colour and the quantity you want.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~Ana-PinkFairy Bridal Bouquet~

Pictures below are taken from my best friend's wedding Ana The Pink Fairy.
She requested my help in arranging her hand bouquet so happily I lend my hand :)
She chose the colour wisely, light purple and cream roses instead of pink (Yes, I love purple more than pink :P) even though her wedding theme on the groom side is pink purple.

As you can see I added the long slim green leaves that I found at a florist shop inside The Curve. My idea at first is to make a bouquet heavily with trailing leaves but I couldn't find suitable leaves..So I opted for this slim ones instead. Daun ni macam daun Kucai version besar.. :)

She's really gorgeous..sangat jealous ok...And I think the flowers compliment her beauty :)

Her Solemnization bouquet-My work too! :)

Do read her blog for the REVIEW.
You can also find other reviews about her wedding's make up, dais and such.

Thanks macik for giving me chance to sharpen my skills!! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

~I'm back!!~

Alhamdullillah...Selamat pulang ke tanah airku terchenta ini after a week+ bercuti kat negara orang :)
A lot of emails need to be replied.And projects to resume..
Sorry to those yang I haven't replied mail and quotations..
Tak sehat sikit..(demam selesema plus batuk as souvenir..uhuhuhu)
Do pray for my speedy recovery ya :)

With my love, Johnny Depp at Madame Tussauds, London

Thursday, March 3, 2011

~Vacation frenzy!~

Craftsfrenzy will be on leave from 4th March until 13 March 2011..
Any inquiries or quotations please email to
I will entertain it as soon as I get internet connection :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~Tutorial-Making A Simple DIP Flowers~

Here's a tutorial on how to make dip flowers using Q-dip material (This is what it is called in Malaysia, I think formafilm is something similar)
I believe that this art is originated from Japan ( pardon me if I'm wrong :P )
A thin layer of glossy plastic like material is formed by dipping wire outlines (petals)  into coloured chemical and leave it to dry.
This materials (buy here) are easily torn when it's dry and usually strengthener is applied using brush to toughen it.
Sorry no picture of strengthener. 
The Q-dip. I prefer Star brand but this brand is OK. Don't forget wires and polystrene.
My favourite Q-dip

And this q-dip when exposed to air, tends to harden therefore thinner is used to dilute it. In crafts shop (In Malaysia of course :P) There's a special bottled thinner that they claimed specially made for this Q-dip material. 

But I, believed that you simply can use normal thinner you can find at hardware stores..! :P
Tried it and it work as well.

You make the outline of the flowers you want, similar to stocking flowers making.
In here I used lipstick :)

I made 3 loops around the lipstick then tie it together in a knot

Then, pry it open.

You can shape the petals according to your liking. Pinch it slowly until you get the desired result.

Carefully lower the outlines into the dip. Ensure that the end is fully covered, it's like handling soap bubbles so that the  thin surface won't break.
After that,  leave it to dry. This stuffs starts to harden fast, but only touch it after 1 hour or so. you don't want to ruin it.

Tape the  leftover wire neatly

Add pearls/beads to the centre using glue.

Here you go :)
*Tips- Your fingerprints may be visible when you touch the dips flowers and reduce the glossiness..Wipe it away with soft cloth..

After sometime, the unused dip starts to thicken when exposed to air...Add a bit of thinner (Starts with 3 table spoons and increased more if needed). Stir the mixture evenly before used.

Bubbles tend to form when you open the dip for too long and when there's fan (moving air) nearby. Eliminate this by covering the lid and leave it to dissolve for sometime..

Below are examples of the Dip bunga telur I made :

Hope this tutorial is useful. Feel free to ask me if you need clarifications :)