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Thursday, April 28, 2011

~Wedding Quotes~

You didn't need a lot of money for a perfect wedding.
You just need a lot of style
DIY!!! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

~Alternative for bridal crowns-Circlet~

circlet (known in greek as stephanos, and in latin as corona operta, or simply "open crown") is a crown with neither arches nor a cap (internal covering).
Source wikipedia

In other words, circlet are a simpler version of crown. 

Pictures from here

Lady Arwen played by Liv Tyler wore circlets in the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.
Truly breathaking! ....I'll prefer this compared to the normal crown..

Berangan jadik medievel princess jap :P

*The cheapest price for a circlet I found (here) is around USD100 not including shipping. Very simple design.
For those who are interested, you can custom made your circlet for around RM280. The materials will be artistic wires imported from USA and swarovski.
Do contact me :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

~Quilling Frenzy!-Wedding guestbook deco~

As I blog hopping, I  found a type of paper crafts which definitely turns me on!
It is called Quilling, which is basically the art of rolling paper.Thin, long strip of papers are glued together to form patterns.

Owh so pretty and colourful flowers
This crafts is superb for guestbook decorations. Imagine your guestbook with the deco similar to above pictures..Sangat stunning ok.

Pretty butterfly
A simpler quilling will be perfect to adorn your wedding invitation. A personal touch that definitely melt hearts. 

Breathaking card
*pictures are googled

You'll be needing a cylinder stick (a pen should suffice), a strong glue (UHU better than glue gun.A strong one to make sure the papers stick like a wart to the background) and a sharp knife to cut the paper. A healthy dose of creativity would be great!

Happy crafting

Thursday, April 14, 2011

~FRENZY DEAL-Hantaran fresh flowers, RM50 each!~

Craftsfrenzy are delighted to offer this special promotion for fresh flowers arrangement on hantarans.
ONLY RM50 each.

Flowers that will be used are mixtures of Roses and other flowers.
A very good deal right?
*Normal price would be RM60-RM80
*Price for decorations only.Not including trays.Trays can be rent separately.

This promo is up for grab only to 5 LUCKY bride/groom to be :)

~African Wedding Theme~

Something out of ordinary for those not-so-ordinary Malaysian/Asian bride :) Animal print lovers, this might be just for you :)
Check it out!
Zebra inspired wedding shoes

African themed wedding invitations

Plate decoration with mini elephant carved from wood

zebra printed wedding cake!

Totally cool hand bouquet

Some ideas for decorations : Use feathers to adorn ceilings or canopy while animal printed rugs will be splendid for bedroom decor.
Don't forget to use wooden shields, binoculars and crossbows as wall decorations!
The best colour for African themed is black and brown. Do add a splash of green and red here and there..

As for favours, miniature animal keychains or shield/feather quills are things that gonna spice up the theme. Trust me!

Dare to be different?

P/S : Let's keep it to NO animal harmed thingy ok.

Monday, April 11, 2011

~Bunga dulang stocking, specially for Izean~

Alhamdullillah.. Safely delivered these 15 bunga dulangs to Farah Izean. I coordinated the bunga dulang colours with the pink/red and blue boxes that she bought. Hopefully they match.
Her wedding engagement (sorry for the wrong info) is somewhere in June.
Congratulations in advance.

Fancy these for yourself? 
Do contact me.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

~Flowers frenzy!-Tuberoses a.k.a Sundal Malam~

For those who watched 'Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam', this flower might looked familiar kan? In the movie the lead actress (Maya Karin) grows this flowers around her house. And use it to decorate her hair. Even the title of the movie also derived from this flower. Creepily beautiful isn't it? :)

 Sundal Malam has a long slender stem and small flowers of exquisite fragrance grows around the end of stem. It has a nicely mixture of green and white colour. Sometimes pink at the tips.

Source : google

Tuberose used in wedding decorations
(pictures from flora et cetera )

It would be perfect for wedding bouquet too :)

*Tips : Use sundal malam as a mixture of bunga rampai along with daun pandan and other flowers for wonderful fragrance :)

Tuberose are available at floristika around Rm10 to RM12 (4 to 5 stems)