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Friday, April 15, 2011

~Quilling Frenzy!-Wedding guestbook deco~

As I blog hopping, I  found a type of paper crafts which definitely turns me on!
It is called Quilling, which is basically the art of rolling paper.Thin, long strip of papers are glued together to form patterns.

Owh so pretty and colourful flowers
This crafts is superb for guestbook decorations. Imagine your guestbook with the deco similar to above pictures..Sangat stunning ok.

Pretty butterfly
A simpler quilling will be perfect to adorn your wedding invitation. A personal touch that definitely melt hearts. 

Breathaking card
*pictures are googled

You'll be needing a cylinder stick (a pen should suffice), a strong glue (UHU better than glue gun.A strong one to make sure the papers stick like a wart to the background) and a sharp knife to cut the paper. A healthy dose of creativity would be great!

Happy crafting

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