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Saturday, January 29, 2011

~Brown Paper Bag~Classic Design~

Tak sempat nak print tag for my DIY brown paper bag, which I promised previously....So I added Filligree touch to it instead..With ribbons...If ade printed labels and letak filligree ni mesti cantik..and Kinda classic, I like... :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

~Stocking Hand Bouquet Collection~

These are few pictures of bunga tangan stocking that I made for few clients last year. Among the best seller is the Pink-purple posy. 
Terima kasih bangat kepada semua yang telah menempah.. :)

Yellow posy bouquet 
Pink-Purple posy bouquet

Red-White cascading bouquet

Selamat mencuci mata :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

~Hand Bouquet Guide~

Bride to be usually have a  huge dillema when choosing the hand bouquet.. But how do you choose one to suit you best?Those yang amik package dgn pelamin oklah..Tapi if yang nak buat sendiri or tempah mesti pening..Ikut hati memangla nak semua..Rambang mata!! :P
Fresh flowers look beautiful without needing much effort in arranging but it can be a bit expensive and doesn’t last. And if tak pandai gubah, boleh jadi disaster! :P While artificial flowers can be breathtaking if you choose wisely, but most of the time they look just plain. The good thing is they last...
Either you opt for fresh flowers or artificial..It doesn’t matter..Both can look amazing provided you choose the right design, and the right colour. Let's ponder upon the type of arrangement..Zaaas~
Posy bouquet

Suitable for bride with any body shape and height..Recommended for petite bride. Any flowers will do. Roses, lilies, peonies are best. You can mix few types of flowers or just go for one type. Additional accessories such as butterfly, dragonfly, feathers and pearls can also be added to make your bouquet unique. Artificial flowers seswai buat style ni..
Sheath bouquet (arm bouquet)
Simple and elegant. Suitable for everyone. Exceptionally beautiful with tulip, calla lily and lavender (Long slender stem flowers).Orchid pun cantik tau buat this style. Use pretty ribbons to complement the bouquet. I love this style....simple but sweet... :) 

Shower bouquet (cascade/trailing bouquet)
Traditional teardrop shape, consisting of a posy with a trail of flowers and foliage (Dedaun byk2) Best suits tall bride. However petite bride can choose this design with shorter trails..Atas paras lutut..Yang tinggi melayup bolehla wat sampai betis/lantai..You don’t want to be stepping on your own wedding flowers aren’t you? :) Any flowers will do. Personally I think tropical flowers will look best.

Creative bouquet
Creative bouquet can be anything! Any shape and using any additional accessories. They can be crescent shape, heart shape or even wreaths. Suitable for daring bride who wants to be one of a kind :)

Hmmm...Definitely rambang mata kan...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~Veil Frenzy!!!~

Ok, let's talk about veil. Traditionally veils were used to hide the 'identity' of the bride (omputih melayu,mak andam tutup pakai kipas adela..and mintak tol! hikhikhik :P ) Nowadays we can see that almost every bride wears one. There are many types of veil, which are mainly classified by the length. Example : Shoulder, knee, elbow, waist and fingertip. It can be two layers or more, usually of different length. Materials that are always used are net, chiffon, tulle and lace. Let's check some of the type, shall we? :)


Considered a formal type of veil and of two layers.The first layer extends 2 and 1/2 yard from the headpiece and is used to cover the bride's face during the wedding ceremony. The second layer extends to the floor and is worn behind the head all the time.


Similar to chapel style, only that it is longer. (Logically, cathedral IS bigger than chapel)


Mantilla veils are circular shaped and rest on top of the head. The outside edge of the veils are covered with laces that frames the face (that's why it is also known as lace border veil)..Sangat cantik ok....Nak pakai ni one day.. :)


A short veil..Very popular dolu2..60's gitu..Standard length is just sit touching the shoulder and this veil is suitable for simple wedding dress

B2B mesti rambang mata kan???

Saturday, January 22, 2011

~Vintage Wedding Theme~

 I stumbled upon lotsa nice vintage pictures while Googling..Vintage, very nice for a wedding theme. Sangat jarang orang Malaysia buat kan?
I think it goes well with the brown paper bag from my previous post (Usually people choose wedding theme first, then only the favours that goes with it-Breaking the rules here :)
 Check out the storyboard I made below :

Love the earthy colour..Very romantic and old school!
My advice is, KEEP IT SIMPLE.
Use muted colours..With a dash of pink/green here and there. 
For vintage wedding gifts (Hantaran), use intricately carved wood tray.Decorate it with soft pink flowers and greenery. Don't forget lace trimmings and antique stuffs for deco at dais.
As for make up and hairdo, do make SOPHIA LOREN as your muse :) Bright red lipstick is just what we need to cheer up!
Hijab's dearie don't fret, masih boleh nampak cantik sambil menutup aurat dengan tudung ala2 gipsy. Totally vintage tau (Check out Ayu Raudhah Solemnisation Veil)
Pre-wedding/Outdoor photography can be done in classic style. (Think about props like old bicycle, mini cooper or vinyl records)

You'll be amazing how nice it would be.
Well,as the saying says.. 

*Pictures credit to Mr.Google :) And thank you Photoshop!

~Brown Paper Bag~

These days, the trend is to give paper bags (with all sort of things inside, from cupcakes, chocolates to towel) for wedding favours. Some even expect to be given one. If tak bagi, you'll hear toungue wagging behind..Dah macam compulsory pulak kan??..Budget limited..pening2..So how? Ok, we're trying to save money as much as we can and be environmentally friendly at the same time!
The solution is, BROWN PAPER BAG

Simple but nice..And easy on the wallet (Compared to paperbag yang tebal/colourful)
Ikat ribbons saja pun dah cantik :) If you have extra budget boleh customize by putting Thank You tag/label macam pics bawah ni.. (DIY of course!)

Lovely! :)

#Pictures thanks to Mr.Google :) Will try to DIY one later..and share it with all of you :) Promise

Friday, January 21, 2011

~Dip Flowers-ROSE~

This is a bunga telur that I made from my leftover purple dip..I combined it with glitter leaves that are usually used in beading. Quite nice kan the result?Remind me of those clinging rose once I saw in a park at Shanghai.
Too bad I don't have pictures of it. Puas godek PC tapi tak jumpa :(

Bunga Telur Dip ROSE
Purple Dip ROSE

Want this as your bunga pahar??

Do email me or for price.
You'll be surprised how affordable it is!  :)

~Nylon Stocking Flowers-HYACINTH~

Somehow I love the simplicity of it. Sangat fresh! :) No fancy glitters but still, beautiful.. I prefer stocking hyacinth compared to the one made from dip. How about you?
 This  bunga telur is suitable for garden wedding . 

Bunga telur hyacinth

Nylon stocking Hyacinth

Do contact me for price :) It's very affordable!

Nylon Stocking Flowers-ROSE

Since I’ve been involving myself with this stocking flower making, some of my friends requested that I made stocking roses  for them..Either for bunga pahar or for hand/graduation bouquet..
Roses requires quite a number of petals. I ought  to practice shaping the petals more to make it look  realistic. Below are some of the pictures..Pretty aren't they? :)

Bunga Telur
Nylon Stocking Champagne Red Rose
Nylon Stocking Blush Pink Rose
Black and Red Rose Bouquet

The black and red bouquet was requested by my good friend, Nicky. I bet he wanna use it to woo the girl of his dream! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

DIY Flower girls Hairclip

Flower girls can make a wedding looks more cheerful and pretty. However, their dress and accessories can add up to your wedding budget. Save up money by doing yourself!  This is a simple way on how to decorate flower girl's hairclip :) Cuba jangan tak cuba!

You need to have-->scissor, SWG 26 wires, artificial flowers (preferably with beads but any flowers will do actually.Use big flowers such as roses for more impact :P), gold strings, green floral tape, basic hairclip, needle, pearl beads, and glue. 

First step is to wrap the wire with the floral tape about 5 cm. This is the length of wire that you gonna tie to the clip.

Then,start taping  the flowers to the wire.One by one.. You can use more than one type of flowers. Just arrange it nicely on the clip. Boleh selang-selikan dengan bunga lain tau :)

When all four flowers are arranged, tidy up the excess wire around another 5cm.

After that, take the gold strings and glue pearl beads on it. Tie the strings to the flowers. You have to make 3 sets of pearl strings. (or more..up to you :)  ) The length of the strings may vary according to your taste. If tak nak ikat tali macam contoh boleh gantikan dengan ribbons :)

Finally, tie the wire arranged with flowers to the hairclip. The wire is soft enough to be twisted by hand. Do it neatly as to prevent the sharp end of the wire from harming the person who is going to wear the clip.

There you go..A pretty hairclip for a pretty flower girl :)

DIY-Submerged Underwater Flower Centerpieces

Looking for a beautiful, modern contemporary centerpiece that is cheap and can be done yourself? Then these submerged flower centerpieces  are for you! Sangat cantik tau

They look so breathtaking without much effort.  Plus you don’t need a lot of flowers. Tulips and orchids are the best..but so can many other flowers (and branches and grasses!). Orchids paling sesuai ..easily available in Malaysia :)

You will need-
#Flowers/Grasses/Branches to be submerged -->Fresh or artificial flowers. Fresh flowers are best put together  the night before to ensure they stay fresh for the big day. Artificial flower can be used also BUT water works as a natural magnifier so if the flowers have frays, loose threads and flaws they will be very obvious once submerged in water. These flowers need to be test underwater first before putting them into the centerpiece as  the colors may bleed. 

Example of flowers to be used: Tulips, Orchids, Calla Lillies, Ferns, Hydrangeas, Oriental Lillies, Cherry blossom branches, roses.. etc. Avoid flowers with thin petals or flowers with a lot of pollen..

#Pretty vase (Clear tall rectangular or cylindrical ones and fish bowls are usually used)
#Stainless steel washers and/or fishing sinkers (Ladung in Malay) to keep the flower submerged (if needed)
#Decorative rocks, sands, gravel, stones seashells (to hide the wire/fishing line/weights and as extra decorations)
#Floral tape (To tie  multiple stems)
#Floral/fishing wire or Fishing line (Tali Tangsi in Malay) to attach the flowers/grasses/branches to the weights
#Distilled water (Distilled water will stop the bubbles from forming on the flowers.However, plain water still can be used :) gune je Air Suling battery kereta :)
#Optional: Floating candles, Submersible LED lights, coaster or ribbons

Steps :
Plan how your flowers/branches/greenery would look like once in the vase and submerged. This is easy if you are using only a single stem of orchids or  a single tulip but if you’re using multiple flowers tie them together at first. Not too high so it won’t be visible underwater.
Attach the stem to the sinkers (Ladung) using the wire.Some flowers/branches/grasses) may not need to be weighted at all.. (So skip steps straight to adding water )
Gently slide your flowers/grasses/branches into the vase, letting the weight rest at the bottom.
Next, hide the  washer/sinker with your decorative stones, river rocks, gems or sand..Use your creativity! :)
Now, fill it up with distilled water.You may choose to submerge the flower completely or just half way.
It’s done! :)
For additional decorations, you may float a candle on top. Or tie pretty ribbons at the bottom of the vase.
Do try it. Suitable for wedding or event centrepieces. Bride to be, this is your solution for elegant wedding without  
skyrocket budget :)
*Pictures are googled. Will post my version of submerged flowers later :)



It's quite sometime since I last used blogspot. Where do I start?
Well...Firstly, I love arts and crafts so much. It's in the blood I guess. My dad, he's good with WOOD CRAFTS..I pick up a bit of it then start involving myself with WEDDING CRAFTS since primary 6. My older brother got married and after that my sisters.. So on and on I get to use my creativity, making bunga telur, wedding favours and such. I tried my hands at making dip flowers and nylon stocking flowers.

 I even own a site dedicated for this wedding crafts.  It's been running for almost two years.  However, due to circumstances, I want to discontinue it and here I am! :) I'll try my best to import some of the content from into this blog.  

PAPER CRAFTS also are my favourites. Making cute and unique birthday cards and give them to my love ones really make me happy. Plus, I love Japanese culture. Therefore I'm really into ORIGAMI. Currently I'm on BEADING frenzy mode! In the future I would like to try making CLAY FLOWERS and  learn more about all of the crafts in the world (urm..I wonder how many of them)

My hope is that everyone out there share their passion for crafts with me. Feel free to share your ideas. Don't hesitate to drop your messages ya :) I too will try to share as much as I can. 
And for those who are interested in getting my services, I'll give my best. 
PRICE and QUALITY guaranteed.. :)

Crafting need patience.Thank god that I am blessed with patience. Indeed, 

Happy reading