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Thursday, January 20, 2011

DIY-Submerged Underwater Flower Centerpieces

Looking for a beautiful, modern contemporary centerpiece that is cheap and can be done yourself? Then these submerged flower centerpieces  are for you! Sangat cantik tau

They look so breathtaking without much effort.  Plus you don’t need a lot of flowers. Tulips and orchids are the best..but so can many other flowers (and branches and grasses!). Orchids paling sesuai ..easily available in Malaysia :)

You will need-
#Flowers/Grasses/Branches to be submerged -->Fresh or artificial flowers. Fresh flowers are best put together  the night before to ensure they stay fresh for the big day. Artificial flower can be used also BUT water works as a natural magnifier so if the flowers have frays, loose threads and flaws they will be very obvious once submerged in water. These flowers need to be test underwater first before putting them into the centerpiece as  the colors may bleed. 

Example of flowers to be used: Tulips, Orchids, Calla Lillies, Ferns, Hydrangeas, Oriental Lillies, Cherry blossom branches, roses.. etc. Avoid flowers with thin petals or flowers with a lot of pollen..

#Pretty vase (Clear tall rectangular or cylindrical ones and fish bowls are usually used)
#Stainless steel washers and/or fishing sinkers (Ladung in Malay) to keep the flower submerged (if needed)
#Decorative rocks, sands, gravel, stones seashells (to hide the wire/fishing line/weights and as extra decorations)
#Floral tape (To tie  multiple stems)
#Floral/fishing wire or Fishing line (Tali Tangsi in Malay) to attach the flowers/grasses/branches to the weights
#Distilled water (Distilled water will stop the bubbles from forming on the flowers.However, plain water still can be used :) gune je Air Suling battery kereta :)
#Optional: Floating candles, Submersible LED lights, coaster or ribbons

Steps :
Plan how your flowers/branches/greenery would look like once in the vase and submerged. This is easy if you are using only a single stem of orchids or  a single tulip but if you’re using multiple flowers tie them together at first. Not too high so it won’t be visible underwater.
Attach the stem to the sinkers (Ladung) using the wire.Some flowers/branches/grasses) may not need to be weighted at all.. (So skip steps straight to adding water )
Gently slide your flowers/grasses/branches into the vase, letting the weight rest at the bottom.
Next, hide the  washer/sinker with your decorative stones, river rocks, gems or sand..Use your creativity! :)
Now, fill it up with distilled water.You may choose to submerge the flower completely or just half way.
It’s done! :)
For additional decorations, you may float a candle on top. Or tie pretty ribbons at the bottom of the vase.
Do try it. Suitable for wedding or event centrepieces. Bride to be, this is your solution for elegant wedding without  
skyrocket budget :)
*Pictures are googled. Will post my version of submerged flowers later :)

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