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Friday, January 21, 2011

Nylon Stocking Flowers-ROSE

Since I’ve been involving myself with this stocking flower making, some of my friends requested that I made stocking roses  for them..Either for bunga pahar or for hand/graduation bouquet..
Roses requires quite a number of petals. I ought  to practice shaping the petals more to make it look  realistic. Below are some of the pictures..Pretty aren't they? :)

Bunga Telur
Nylon Stocking Champagne Red Rose
Nylon Stocking Blush Pink Rose
Black and Red Rose Bouquet

The black and red bouquet was requested by my good friend, Nicky. I bet he wanna use it to woo the girl of his dream! :)


  1. can you show me the step you make that beautiful rose? i really love this flower and try to make it several time but it still not look like a rose. can you help me,please?