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Thursday, January 20, 2011

DIY Flower girls Hairclip

Flower girls can make a wedding looks more cheerful and pretty. However, their dress and accessories can add up to your wedding budget. Save up money by doing yourself!  This is a simple way on how to decorate flower girl's hairclip :) Cuba jangan tak cuba!

You need to have-->scissor, SWG 26 wires, artificial flowers (preferably with beads but any flowers will do actually.Use big flowers such as roses for more impact :P), gold strings, green floral tape, basic hairclip, needle, pearl beads, and glue. 

First step is to wrap the wire with the floral tape about 5 cm. This is the length of wire that you gonna tie to the clip.

Then,start taping  the flowers to the wire.One by one.. You can use more than one type of flowers. Just arrange it nicely on the clip. Boleh selang-selikan dengan bunga lain tau :)

When all four flowers are arranged, tidy up the excess wire around another 5cm.

After that, take the gold strings and glue pearl beads on it. Tie the strings to the flowers. You have to make 3 sets of pearl strings. (or more..up to you :)  ) The length of the strings may vary according to your taste. If tak nak ikat tali macam contoh boleh gantikan dengan ribbons :)

Finally, tie the wire arranged with flowers to the hairclip. The wire is soft enough to be twisted by hand. Do it neatly as to prevent the sharp end of the wire from harming the person who is going to wear the clip.

There you go..A pretty hairclip for a pretty flower girl :)

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