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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~Veil Frenzy!!!~

Ok, let's talk about veil. Traditionally veils were used to hide the 'identity' of the bride (omputih melayu,mak andam tutup pakai kipas adela..and mintak tol! hikhikhik :P ) Nowadays we can see that almost every bride wears one. There are many types of veil, which are mainly classified by the length. Example : Shoulder, knee, elbow, waist and fingertip. It can be two layers or more, usually of different length. Materials that are always used are net, chiffon, tulle and lace. Let's check some of the type, shall we? :)


Considered a formal type of veil and of two layers.The first layer extends 2 and 1/2 yard from the headpiece and is used to cover the bride's face during the wedding ceremony. The second layer extends to the floor and is worn behind the head all the time.


Similar to chapel style, only that it is longer. (Logically, cathedral IS bigger than chapel)


Mantilla veils are circular shaped and rest on top of the head. The outside edge of the veils are covered with laces that frames the face (that's why it is also known as lace border veil)..Sangat cantik ok....Nak pakai ni one day.. :)


A short veil..Very popular dolu2..60's gitu..Standard length is just sit touching the shoulder and this veil is suitable for simple wedding dress

B2B mesti rambang mata kan???


  1. mantila cantik..
    agak2 cantik tak pakai ngn songket?hehe

  2. Cantik..border lace tu, i,ikut colour baju..mesti meletops.hehe :P cari lace ala2 melayu.corak pucuk rebung.haha.ade ke?letak filligree ke..mesti ummppphh punyelah.