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Thursday, January 27, 2011

~Hand Bouquet Guide~

Bride to be usually have a  huge dillema when choosing the hand bouquet.. But how do you choose one to suit you best?Those yang amik package dgn pelamin oklah..Tapi if yang nak buat sendiri or tempah mesti pening..Ikut hati memangla nak semua..Rambang mata!! :P
Fresh flowers look beautiful without needing much effort in arranging but it can be a bit expensive and doesn’t last. And if tak pandai gubah, boleh jadi disaster! :P While artificial flowers can be breathtaking if you choose wisely, but most of the time they look just plain. The good thing is they last...
Either you opt for fresh flowers or artificial..It doesn’t matter..Both can look amazing provided you choose the right design, and the right colour. Let's ponder upon the type of arrangement..Zaaas~
Posy bouquet

Suitable for bride with any body shape and height..Recommended for petite bride. Any flowers will do. Roses, lilies, peonies are best. You can mix few types of flowers or just go for one type. Additional accessories such as butterfly, dragonfly, feathers and pearls can also be added to make your bouquet unique. Artificial flowers seswai buat style ni..
Sheath bouquet (arm bouquet)
Simple and elegant. Suitable for everyone. Exceptionally beautiful with tulip, calla lily and lavender (Long slender stem flowers).Orchid pun cantik tau buat this style. Use pretty ribbons to complement the bouquet. I love this style....simple but sweet... :) 

Shower bouquet (cascade/trailing bouquet)
Traditional teardrop shape, consisting of a posy with a trail of flowers and foliage (Dedaun byk2) Best suits tall bride. However petite bride can choose this design with shorter trails..Atas paras lutut..Yang tinggi melayup bolehla wat sampai betis/lantai..You don’t want to be stepping on your own wedding flowers aren’t you? :) Any flowers will do. Personally I think tropical flowers will look best.

Creative bouquet
Creative bouquet can be anything! Any shape and using any additional accessories. They can be crescent shape, heart shape or even wreaths. Suitable for daring bride who wants to be one of a kind :)

Hmmm...Definitely rambang mata kan...

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