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Thursday, January 20, 2011



It's quite sometime since I last used blogspot. Where do I start?
Well...Firstly, I love arts and crafts so much. It's in the blood I guess. My dad, he's good with WOOD CRAFTS..I pick up a bit of it then start involving myself with WEDDING CRAFTS since primary 6. My older brother got married and after that my sisters.. So on and on I get to use my creativity, making bunga telur, wedding favours and such. I tried my hands at making dip flowers and nylon stocking flowers.

 I even own a site dedicated for this wedding crafts.  It's been running for almost two years.  However, due to circumstances, I want to discontinue it and here I am! :) I'll try my best to import some of the content from into this blog.  

PAPER CRAFTS also are my favourites. Making cute and unique birthday cards and give them to my love ones really make me happy. Plus, I love Japanese culture. Therefore I'm really into ORIGAMI. Currently I'm on BEADING frenzy mode! In the future I would like to try making CLAY FLOWERS and  learn more about all of the crafts in the world (urm..I wonder how many of them)

My hope is that everyone out there share their passion for crafts with me. Feel free to share your ideas. Don't hesitate to drop your messages ya :) I too will try to share as much as I can. 
And for those who are interested in getting my services, I'll give my best. 
PRICE and QUALITY guaranteed.. :)

Crafting need patience.Thank god that I am blessed with patience. Indeed, 

Happy reading

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