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Saturday, June 25, 2011

~Bekas hantaran to let go/rental~

Here's an assortment of bekas hantaran that is up or grab and for rental. 
Do check it out :)

 Wooden tray-WHITE 
Length 32cm Width 24cm
Height 9cm

Renting price~RM5

Do contact me for the date availability

Bakul hantaran putih (bujur)
Width 20cm Length 33cm

Price when bought-RM15
Price to let go-RM10
3pcs available


Bekas hantaran putih berkaki 
Width 22cm Length 31cm

Renting price-RM5

4 pcs available

Do contact me for the date availability


Bakul hantaran putih (bulat) 
Diameter 28cm

Price when bought-RM15 
Price to let go-RM10
3pcs available


~New Vivitar 28mm f2.8 lens for sale~

Not my usual wedding crafts :) But good for all wedding photogs out there.
New Vivitar 28mm f2.8 lens for sale. For Nikon Cameras.


Only 2 available so grab it fast!

Friday, June 24, 2011

~Wedding songs-No Fear of Heights by Katie Melua~

Well..hello hello :)

Heard of The Tourist? A movie starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp (drooling....he's yummy!)
Ok, there's a part where Angie left Johnny at the Venice airport and ordered him to fly back to America for his safety. A song was playing on the background as she steered the boat away. That song is sang by Katie Melua, titled No fear of Heights (youtube) I do believe that it is very very suitable and romantic for a love/wedding song..Kinda dreamy...

I never walked near the edge
Used to fear swam far from shore
Never tried the secret door
But When you give me love
When you give me love

I have no fear of heights,
No fear of the deep blue sea,
Athough it could drown me,
I know it could drown me

I didn't wander in the woods
Used to fear the darkness
I didn't like getting deep
I was scared of what I couldn't keep
But when you give me love
When you give me love

I have no fear of heights,
No fear of the deep blue sea,
Athough it could drown me

No fear of the fall
No fear if it's with you ta I fall
'cause nothing could break us,
No nothing could break us,now.

Ooh..I do love every bit of it! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

~Trend hijab pengantin muslimah-Sanggul tinggi~

Assalamualaikum..and good nite dear readers!
Found this online.. (read here
Thought of sharing it with bride to be muslimah out there. It's about trend tudung sanggul tinggi.

Usually associated with Arabic and Moroccan style..Cantik kan..TAPI

Rasullullah S.A.W

“Dua golongan di kalangan ahli neraka yang tidakkan aku pandang iaitu kaum yang bersama mereka cemeti seperti ekor lembu yang dengannya digunakan memukul orang lain dan wanita-wanita yang berpakaian bagaikan bertelanjang yang condong kepada maksiat dan menarik orang lain untuk membuat maksiat. Sanggul dikepala mereka ditusuk tinggi-tinggi seperti bonggol unta yang sangat lemah. Mereka ini tidak akan masuk syurga dan tidak akan mencium baunya sedangkan sesungguhnya bau syurga itu sudah boleh dicium dari jarak demikian dan demikian.” (Riwayat Muslim).Hadis 212

Something for us to ponder upon..Read Issue tudung sanggul tinggi for more info..

My solution is..Kalau was-was/sangsi dengan hukum haramnya, tak payah sanggul tinggi ok.
What you need is just a gorgeous headpiece! :)

Do click weddinginspirasi for such a great article on bridal hijabi styles.

Happy reading :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

~Bridal bouquet and flower's arrangement-Pink/purple for Mariaty~

Assalamualaikum..and a good day to everyone :)
Here are my latest delivery, a pot of flowers and a hand bouquet specially for Mariaty from KL.
I used 2 tones soft pink, single tone dark pink, and 2 tones purple nylon stockings to make the flowers.
For the leaves, I used green stockings , single tone. Added tiny butterflies to both arrangements and for the bouquet, additional pearl beads to compliment the look.

Pink posy stocking hand bouquet
bunga pegang stocking pink
She requested an arrangement something similar to the one I made for my friend here. The white pot are from IKEA.
gubahan bunga
gubahan bunga pink/purple

Thanks for waiting patiently dear. Hope you like it!

*Still no luck finding my pendrive..Uwaa..With fresh flowers arrangement pictures in it :( 

Friday, June 3, 2011

~Hantaran fresh flowers-Pink~

Hello peeps :) Remember my frenzy-deal-hantaran-fresh-flowers-rm50?
The promo are for 5 lucky bride/grom to be.. 
The first 2 persons are Hidayah from Selayang and her fiance (I forgot his name.Ampun...)
So here it is :) This is from him to her. From her to him gonna update it later k.

Lotion and Fabrics set
Cincin dan mas kahwin
Perfume set
The exact colour is pink.Soft pink for carnations and the roses are dark pink. Due to lighting and ketidak-kecekapanku handle dslr..Jadik camnila.haha.Better than nothing kan :)

I do hope they like it...