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Monday, June 13, 2011

~Bridal bouquet and flower's arrangement-Pink/purple for Mariaty~

Assalamualaikum..and a good day to everyone :)
Here are my latest delivery, a pot of flowers and a hand bouquet specially for Mariaty from KL.
I used 2 tones soft pink, single tone dark pink, and 2 tones purple nylon stockings to make the flowers.
For the leaves, I used green stockings , single tone. Added tiny butterflies to both arrangements and for the bouquet, additional pearl beads to compliment the look.

Pink posy stocking hand bouquet
bunga pegang stocking pink
She requested an arrangement something similar to the one I made for my friend here. The white pot are from IKEA.
gubahan bunga
gubahan bunga pink/purple

Thanks for waiting patiently dear. Hope you like it!

*Still no luck finding my pendrive..Uwaa..With fresh flowers arrangement pictures in it :( 

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