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Sunday, April 20, 2014

~HANTARAN FOR HIM-Blue Orchids mania~

HI, finally had the chance to share some of my wedding gifts to dearest husband. Self decorated.
 I just love the blue orchids. Stunning! Perfect for a quick touch by a busy bride. All flowers used are artificial. 
Of course I selected  only  those of highest quality :)
 I bought most of the items in advance around May. I  Married in December 2013.

watch and perfume set hantaran
Tissot watch and Sexy Man perfume by Carolina Herrera. Watch bought in Amsterdam. Beautiful city of Volendam to be exact. Perfume/deodorant/cream bought separately in London oxford Street.

cincin/ring decorated with orchids
 My ring to him.

Shirt decorated with orchids
 Shirt from G200. I love the design/fabric..but not the price  :P
close up perfume set decorated with orchids

Belt and wallet decorated with rose and orchids
 Wallet and belt set from Braun Buffel. I believed I bought it in Mid valley.

Fruits platter decorated with blue orchids

Friday, April 18, 2014


Baby Word Block
baby themed bunting/baby clothes wall decoration

Salam and hi, 

For mommies and auties out there who are looking for something to brighten up your baby room, here's a good suggestion. Baby clothes bunting!

We take orders for this baby themed bunting for only RM20 per meter.
We can cater it  to your liking the colours the design and such..

Guess what, it's not limited to baby theme only. We can do all sorts of theme according to your request. Just tell us and we will try to fullfil it :)

Email :
Phone : 019-2375232