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Saturday, January 22, 2011

~Brown Paper Bag~

These days, the trend is to give paper bags (with all sort of things inside, from cupcakes, chocolates to towel) for wedding favours. Some even expect to be given one. If tak bagi, you'll hear toungue wagging behind..Dah macam compulsory pulak kan??..Budget limited..pening2..So how? Ok, we're trying to save money as much as we can and be environmentally friendly at the same time!
The solution is, BROWN PAPER BAG

Simple but nice..And easy on the wallet (Compared to paperbag yang tebal/colourful)
Ikat ribbons saja pun dah cantik :) If you have extra budget boleh customize by putting Thank You tag/label macam pics bawah ni.. (DIY of course!)

Lovely! :)

#Pictures thanks to Mr.Google :) Will try to DIY one later..and share it with all of you :) Promise

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