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Saturday, January 22, 2011

~Vintage Wedding Theme~

 I stumbled upon lotsa nice vintage pictures while Googling..Vintage, very nice for a wedding theme. Sangat jarang orang Malaysia buat kan?
I think it goes well with the brown paper bag from my previous post (Usually people choose wedding theme first, then only the favours that goes with it-Breaking the rules here :)
 Check out the storyboard I made below :

Love the earthy colour..Very romantic and old school!
My advice is, KEEP IT SIMPLE.
Use muted colours..With a dash of pink/green here and there. 
For vintage wedding gifts (Hantaran), use intricately carved wood tray.Decorate it with soft pink flowers and greenery. Don't forget lace trimmings and antique stuffs for deco at dais.
As for make up and hairdo, do make SOPHIA LOREN as your muse :) Bright red lipstick is just what we need to cheer up!
Hijab's dearie don't fret, masih boleh nampak cantik sambil menutup aurat dengan tudung ala2 gipsy. Totally vintage tau (Check out Ayu Raudhah Solemnisation Veil)
Pre-wedding/Outdoor photography can be done in classic style. (Think about props like old bicycle, mini cooper or vinyl records)

You'll be amazing how nice it would be.
Well,as the saying says.. 

*Pictures credit to Mr.Google :) And thank you Photoshop!


  1. ann& ash buat wedding, konsep vintage..sgt cantikk!!! sukeee

  2. Kan..dah tgk..cantik sgt..exclusive..suke jugak.. :P