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Sunday, April 17, 2011

~Alternative for bridal crowns-Circlet~

circlet (known in greek as stephanos, and in latin as corona operta, or simply "open crown") is a crown with neither arches nor a cap (internal covering).
Source wikipedia

In other words, circlet are a simpler version of crown. 

Pictures from here

Lady Arwen played by Liv Tyler wore circlets in the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.
Truly breathaking! ....I'll prefer this compared to the normal crown..

Berangan jadik medievel princess jap :P

*The cheapest price for a circlet I found (here) is around USD100 not including shipping. Very simple design.
For those who are interested, you can custom made your circlet for around RM280. The materials will be artistic wires imported from USA and swarovski.
Do contact me :)


  1. mee too!nanti i kahwin nak pakai ni la.hehehe

  2. seriously cantik... simple dan cantik!!!

  3. kan ms red ribbon.but you nak pakai siger kan?siger pun stunning.. :)