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Thursday, April 14, 2011

~African Wedding Theme~

Something out of ordinary for those not-so-ordinary Malaysian/Asian bride :) Animal print lovers, this might be just for you :)
Check it out!
Zebra inspired wedding shoes

African themed wedding invitations

Plate decoration with mini elephant carved from wood

zebra printed wedding cake!

Totally cool hand bouquet

Some ideas for decorations : Use feathers to adorn ceilings or canopy while animal printed rugs will be splendid for bedroom decor.
Don't forget to use wooden shields, binoculars and crossbows as wall decorations!
The best colour for African themed is black and brown. Do add a splash of green and red here and there..

As for favours, miniature animal keychains or shield/feather quills are things that gonna spice up the theme. Trust me!

Dare to be different?

P/S : Let's keep it to NO animal harmed thingy ok.

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  1. how much did the zebra shoes cost?