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Monday, March 21, 2011

~Bahan Bunga DIP for order~

There's quite a few people who contact me asking about where to get the materials for making dip flowers,. Therefore I am gladly offering help in getting the materials for those in need. Especially the Q-dip.


Q-dip (Red,green,pink,yellow,black,purple,blue and white) price per bottle is RM16.
(Normal price RM16.80.I got lil bit of discount :p )

The colours of dip that I always used :)
Gold and silver Q-dip Rm19 per bottle. (Normal price RM19.90)
Thinner RM11.80.

Q-dip thinner

Strengthener RM24 per bottle.
Silver/gold wires. 50 for RM4.50. (RM0.09 each.Length 80cm each)

I can send them to all over Malaysia. Postage fee will be bore buy buyers of course :)

PosLaju (price determine by volumetric)
Normal pos to Sem.M'sia RM7 flatrate up until 2KG via land.
To East M'sia starts from RM8.50 for 500 grams via Air.
( To check rates click here)

*It may takes some time to order the dip materials depending on availability of the colour and the quantity you want.


  1. hi....
    how can i get this Qdip & thinner..???
    can u tell me a detail...
    please send me a.s.a.p...
    (my email:

  2. hai...
    ade beza x antara color kuning & gold..???
    please send me a.s.a.p...
    saya nk order... 10q...
    (my email:

  3. saya nk warna gold... per each RM16 kn...???
    so, bape harga brg skali ngn postage yek..???
    (my email:

  4. Hi dear, i dah replied your check your inbox k.
    colour gold and silver RM19 each..yang lain RM16.thanks!
    my email

  5. ade cth x... saya nk tgk kuning yg cmne...
    mmg urgent jgk...
    sbb saya nk wt utk wedding adik saya...
    blh tgk x result kuning slps d celup...
    (my email:

  6. dear,i dah attached 2 pictures at your dah view?this one you comment directly to my post.
    you boleh view my previous post untuk tgk the colour

    link untuk colour gold :

    Yellow :

  7. ok... saya dh reply at your email...
    (my email:

  8. apa beza thinner and Strengthener?? harga pun xsamakan?

  9. Hi Hanis :)

    thinner beza dgn strengthener. thinner guna untuk dilute dip tu.mcm kita guna thinner untuk larutkan cat bila cat memekat.

    strengthener mcm clear coating or varnish..bila celup akan menguatkan lagi dip yang dah kering/siap..
    Hargda thinner lagi murah dari strengthener.thinner yang i used rm11.80 per bottle.strengthener rm24..

    kalau nak letak glitter dust, sapu/celup strengthener dulu baru taburkan dust tu..

  10. salam...

    saya ni baru nk brjinak2 ngn pnghasilan dipsflower, tp masalahnye bahan2 ni agak sukar tuk di dapati kt tmpat saya..

    saya duk kt kuala terengganu & baru ni saya pergi ke KL tuk dptkan bahan2 ni..

    blh bantu saya mcmane nk atasi masalah ni...

    pls inform me email:

  11. Hi i had a querry

    is it possible to place an order for the Q-dip colours and strengthener.

    the only concern is i live in Mumbai (India) is it possible to order these colours and how much would it cost for shipping and handling as well.

    please contact me on

  12. Hi

    Just wanted to check if I could order these colours and if they could be sent to MUMBAI (INDIA)

    Wanted to check how much it would cost and how long would it take for delivery?

    or is there an outlet in Mumbai i could buy these colours from?

    Please contact me @

  13. Sis ada no cntc x
    Sya nk beli bahan bunga dip
    Contc me
    Fb tangisan pejuang