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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~Tutorial-Making A Simple DIP Flowers~

Here's a tutorial on how to make dip flowers using Q-dip material (This is what it is called in Malaysia, I think formafilm is something similar)
I believe that this art is originated from Japan ( pardon me if I'm wrong :P )
A thin layer of glossy plastic like material is formed by dipping wire outlines (petals)  into coloured chemical and leave it to dry.
This materials (buy here) are easily torn when it's dry and usually strengthener is applied using brush to toughen it.
Sorry no picture of strengthener. 
The Q-dip. I prefer Star brand but this brand is OK. Don't forget wires and polystrene.
My favourite Q-dip

And this q-dip when exposed to air, tends to harden therefore thinner is used to dilute it. In crafts shop (In Malaysia of course :P) There's a special bottled thinner that they claimed specially made for this Q-dip material. 

But I, believed that you simply can use normal thinner you can find at hardware stores..! :P
Tried it and it work as well.

You make the outline of the flowers you want, similar to stocking flowers making.
In here I used lipstick :)

I made 3 loops around the lipstick then tie it together in a knot

Then, pry it open.

You can shape the petals according to your liking. Pinch it slowly until you get the desired result.

Carefully lower the outlines into the dip. Ensure that the end is fully covered, it's like handling soap bubbles so that the  thin surface won't break.
After that,  leave it to dry. This stuffs starts to harden fast, but only touch it after 1 hour or so. you don't want to ruin it.

Tape the  leftover wire neatly

Add pearls/beads to the centre using glue.

Here you go :)
*Tips- Your fingerprints may be visible when you touch the dips flowers and reduce the glossiness..Wipe it away with soft cloth..

After sometime, the unused dip starts to thicken when exposed to air...Add a bit of thinner (Starts with 3 table spoons and increased more if needed). Stir the mixture evenly before used.

Bubbles tend to form when you open the dip for too long and when there's fan (moving air) nearby. Eliminate this by covering the lid and leave it to dissolve for sometime..

Below are examples of the Dip bunga telur I made :

Hope this tutorial is useful. Feel free to ask me if you need clarifications :)


  1. omg! this is a very useful and generous tips from u..

    one question, how many bottle of q-dip do u need for 1 stalk with 3-4 pair of 5 petals flower?

  2. That 5 petals flowers tu besar ke kecik dear?normally i used 4 to 5 bottles of q-dip untuk buat 100 pcs medium to big size (5 to 7 petals)...smaller flowers used less of thick you want the colour be also influenced..makin pekat,colour makin terang,and pakai byk dip..hope this help :)

  3. i am contemplating whether nak diy or nak tempah u buatkan.. hehhehe.. semangat harus kental nak buat ni.. but i'd love to try..

    do you have any sample of silver dip flower? is it possible to self collect? where are you based at?

  4. DIY!!!hehe.jimat dear.and puas hati you buat something yourself..nanti tgk hasil die..dgn bangga bagitau..i buat ni! :)

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  6. slm... dear mcm bminat dgn bunga dip ni... n nk ask u 1 question... kt mne nk beli q dip nie... bape hargenye.... just 4 bugget tq dear 4 sharing the technic...

  7. dear sye bminat dgn... tq for the toturial... smg Allah mbalas usaha yg awk lakukan i mean for sharing the technic ..n kt mne nk beli q dip tu...

  8. slm... dear mcm bminat dgn bunga dip ni... n nk ask u 1 question... kt mne nk beli q dip nie... bape hargenye.... just 4 bugget tq dear 4 sharing the technic...

  9. barang bunga dip ni boleh beli dekat kedai bunga telur..
    i usually beli dekat shah alam and kl..
    where do you live?

    sebotol around rm16.80 to rm19.90..depending on and silver lagi mahal dari other colour.harga dulu la..lama dah tak check price dip..tak buat dip for quite sometimes..

  10. i nk ask...kenapa bila i nk bentuk dia jadi mcm kedut2...mcm plastik...huhu? dh kering tue boleh terus bentuk ke? ke kena letak something?

  11. i nk tanya....after dh terus bentuk ke? ke perlu letak something? i bila nk bentuk after kering tu...dia jadi kedut2..mcm plastik...memang mcm tue ke?

  12. mesti bentukkan dawai dulu baru celup..
    kalau nak bentukkan after celup tunggu kering sikit but very gently..kalau tak lapisan plastik tu koyak..

    dip ni apabila dah fully kering mmg akan jadi mcm thin layer of plastic..keras.

    boleh letak strengthener after dah kering..dan tabur perada.

  13. i still don't understand how you can pry it open in that way...

  14. nak tya. berapa byk nk masukkan thinner dalam 1 bekas dip? byk ke?

  15. hi i am lakshmi i am very interested for this dip flowers but i have no idea for where purchased this materials. i am in india so pls tell me how to purchased this dip colours materials. pls tell me.

  16. I want to buy q dip materials for making artificial flower. Can someone help with supplier address?