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Thursday, February 17, 2011

~Tutorial-Making A Simple Nylon Stocking Flower, Part 1~

Hey ya! :) Let's us try to make nylon stocking flower together.This tutorial is a very basic one. No intricate design whatsover :) 

Simple Nylon stocking flower
You will need nylon stocking (exclusive for flower making,not to wear!) Either single or dual tone. The single tone is cheaper, around RM1.50 per piece. The price for the dual tone is higher, RM2.++ (sorry can't remember the exact price :( )
I used purple stockings, white stamens, green floral tape and silver wires in this tutorial. The colour can be changed accordingly to your liking.
*Tips : Buy brightly coloured stocking or darker colour. As it will be stretched, the stocking colour will be softer/pale. Unless you don't mind. Haha
The materials
*Ensure that the wires are not too soft as it cannot retain the shape of the flowers. Most crafts shop sells two type. The softer one is for making dip flowers while the harder one is for stocking flowers. Make sure you buy the correct one! The wires come in gold and silver along with few other colours.

1) First of all, cut the silver wires into 4. Then, make a loop by twisting the end together by using a plier.

*You will need to twist 5 wires to make 5 petals flower

2) Next, carefully wrap the loop with stocking, starting at one end.

The back and front of the petal must be fully covered and stretched before tying it with thread. Do not overstretch it as the stocking can be torn easily.

Repeat the step until all 5 petals are nicely wrapped. Snip off the excess stockings with a pair of sharp scissor.
*Tips : Hold the petal as the picture below. Using your left thumb and ring finger, stretch the excess stocking while cutting it. This way, you'll get a clean cut, and save the stocking a lot. 

 There you go, 5 petals ready to be assembled. Bravo! :)

*If you wish to make flowers with more petals, like roses, you need to make around 14 petals or more.

That's all for now. To be continue in part 2. Stay tuned :)


  1. Hannan, where can i find the nylon stockings?

  2. Hello :) where is your location?nylon stocking can be found in most crafts shop.I get mine at Shah Alam, Section 9..near Masalam. available at KL too.