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Sunday, February 20, 2011

~Thumbs down for MYFASHIONSTYLE.COM!!~

Ok, I purchased 2 winter coats and a shirt from the website on 17 December 2010.
I got the confirmation order that the items are available, and paid a sum of RM174.
Then, after they received the payment, they said 2 of the items are not available. Asked me to change. Pulak.
Aku pun tukarlah..2 kali jugakla tukar. Last2 change to another coat and shirt which is RM9 cheaper.
They told me that I'll received the items in 2 weeks. Penipu betul. Sebulan lebih baru sampai! Penat la aku email tanya. Dahla sampai pun tak cukup 1 item. With a note asking me to change it again. Berapa kali nak tukar ni???
I've emailed them to cancel the order ( before CNY).3 kali ok.Tup2 lepas CNY diorang hantar jugak baju tu. BUT, wrong colour!!!
Buta warna agaknya. Order hitam, dapat biru. If ada notification bolehla gak. Ni main hentam je.
Ini boleh menimbulkan amarah. Bangang betul. Da isi complain form, email berjuta kali pun, tapi tak dilayan.. WOI..macamana korang buat business ni???!@#%^&
I just want my refund!!! Balance RM9 tu boleh je korang buat senyap..Sengal.

Marahnya aku..
Marahnya aku..
Marahnya aku..

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  1. owh rupa2nya bukan saya sorang yang kena cam ni ehh. puas search pasal ni akhirnya jumpa jugak orang yang complain.

    tengok fb dia punya page sampai 15k orang like. tapi service mcm hampeh. saya order n bayar 10ogos2011 sampai skrng xdpt2 lg. mcm2 alasan dia bg. srh refund xnk. sampai sekrang senyap. sms xreply. email xrply.

    mmg nk kena bgtau semua orang ni.xyah beli dengan kejam giler diaorg ni. Penipu!!