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Saturday, October 22, 2011

~Bridesmaid wristlet~

 As salam to all readers. 
Sekarang ni musim hujan petang at my area here in Subang Perdana.. 
Sejukkk..Sangat sesuai untuk berhibernasi kan?Hihi :)
Too bad I'm really really busy lately. Siapkan tempahan..

This time around, I managed to complete 10 pieces of hand corsages. For bridesmaid.
I used big roses (good quality, the petals are sort of velvety) as the main flowers and letak mini flowers on the left and right. Bought the roses at a shop somewhere in Jitra, Kedah during my trip balik kampung last 2 weeks. 

Bridesmaid Hand Corsage
Flowery Hand Corsage

The bride to be herself, supplied me the pink brooches to be glued to the center of the rose.  Love it!

Till then :)

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