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Monday, November 28, 2011

Breaking Dawn/vampire inspired beading :)~

Assalamualaikum..and good day. I hope it's not too late to wish Salam Maal hijrah to those who are celebrating. Semoga tahun baru membawa keberkatan dan rahmat Allah yang berlipat ganda..

Weee :) I'm in  a good mood since I just got back from kampung. Alhamdullillah..My dad has safely arrived from Makkah and he is in good health. 
During my trip balik kampung, I managed to finish up my beading themed 'Breaking Dawn'.
Hihi. Poyo je kan siap theme theme ni :) 
But since the blood red stone was set upon black lace, I can't help myself! Asalnya design nak buat for baju sendiri..Tapi terbuat kat baju sedara lah pulak dulu..

Well, enjoy the pics.
Black lace patching on hand

Black lace patching on neck

Lace patching/beading on baju kurung

Perhaps this gonna be my last beading for this year..My QA exam is coming.
Till then yaw =P

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