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Sunday, February 19, 2012

~First guestbook decoration-3D flowers and paper quilling~

Aloha to my dear readers :)

I know it's been ages since I posted this quilling-frenzy-wedding-guestbook-deco. Quite a hit with the readers I should say. Sadly I couldn't find the time and opportunity to do so before this. Therefore today I'm really delighted to share my work with everyone! :) 

It's my first ever wedding guestbook deco ( Freshly from oven in fact, just finished making it-as of  6pm 19/2 Malaysian time). Just a plain drawing book turn into this oh-so-beauty wedding guestbook ( perasan sekejap :P )

Check out the pictures below.

Wedding Guestbook Decoration

Buttons/ paper quilling and 3D flowers

As you can see I used few types of embellishments such as buttons, pearls and 3d flowers for this project. 
The colour papers I used for quilling are painstakingly hand cut as I do not own a paper shredder :(
The end result a bit rough and uneven. It will do for a first timer..*sigh

Pink Guestbook decoration

3D flowers and paper quilled leaves

So..How am I doing for a start?
I know, I know..Lots of rooms to improve. Especially the gluing part..urgh..
messy messy messy.

Till then, off to rest now. Ciao

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  1. It doesn't look messy to me .In-fact its so beautiful.