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Saturday, February 11, 2012

~Real Weddings : ASz & IrA- Part III-Fairy Tales~

Ohayou Gozaimasu.. Finally I got spare times to write about part III ( the final chapter ) of Asz and Ira's wedding :) My favourite of all.. Prepare to be mesmerize by it!

Date : 04 December 2011
Venue : Sarawak Indoor stadium, Kuching.
Wedding planner : Anafie Event Management
Designer : Sharifah Kirana (bride) Butik Shawn ( groom)

Beaded dress by Sharifah Kirana

"utk 3rd outfit, reception di kch sebelah lelaki, i sewa fully... dr sharifah kirana, famous designer. butik die dekat karangkraf, jalan conlay kl. sewa L/p *k. tp baju lelaki die cuma provide fashion yg ade tanjak tu je...i x minat coz theme english kan. so utk baju lelaki i sewa dgn butik shawn jgk. buat baru tp sewa."

The beads work by Sharifah Kirana memang totally awesome! I can't imagine the time taken to finish this masterpiece..

I have the honour of doing the hand bouquet and the bridesmaid corsages.
The bride requested crescent shape bouquet befitting her wedding theme.
I was worried that the bouquet wouldn't be suitable as the dress itself was so flowery...
I guess I worried too much :) 

Fairy Tale hand bouquet

bridesmaid corsages :)

Well, a castle for a dais...With turrets and such..Fairy tale do comes true.
Thumbs up to Anafie Event Manegement. So Sarawakians, you know now where to find your wedding planner. This one sure did the job well kan.

Fairy Tale Dais

Fairy Tale wedding cake

Happily ever after.. Hingga akhir nyawa.
Sampai ke syurga..

*Pictures taken from the brides facebook and Anafie Andy.Doumo arigatou gozaimashita..

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