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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

~Real Weddings : ASz & IrA- Part I-Solemnization~

Assalamualaikum and holla :) It's review time!
I'm soooo excited to share about the wedding of this charming couple from Sarawak, Asz and Ira. 
The Solemnization took place at Bintulu.
I couldn't make it to the wedding but luckily there are lots of lovely pictures to make me feel like I'm there.
Loveee every bit of details .

The couple

Managed to get few infos about their outfits :P

Nikah Outfit
Designer : Butik Cantek, Shah Alam.
Material : Itallian Chiffon
Colour : Aqua

"Untuk baju nikah, i tempah kat butik cantek shah alam. material itallian chiffon, color aqua... design tu mmg bincang dgn designer butik tu.. tp harga kt sana pricy sikit lah. coz butik dah ade nama kan... buat baju khatam ayu wife tomok, and pelamin tomok jgk utk majlis d rumah tomok. that's why la."

Aqua solemnization dress,veil and tudung
Details on tudung
Grooms Baju Melayu detailings

"Utk my outfit tu, pakej *k including material. sepasang L/P including veil and tudung. 
tudung tu actually die buat simple je... tp i pegi hantar tudung tu dkat my designer utk 
baju bersanding, mintak die tambah beading."

Seriously, sangat cantik!  Flowers and feathers...Oh my. Absolutely to die for!
Her henna design pun sangat intricate..

Inai pengantin

Istiadat menepung tawar

Pelamin kat rumah pun cantik! 

The bride and her dais

Another thing that capture my interest is their second outfit. 
Saree and err..Kurta? (Forgive me if I'm wrong, I don't know what's the groom's attire is called)

"utk sari i pulak, i beli online je kain tu dekat avalon sarees. then anta g tailor kat jalan tar, buat ready-made saree. so time pakai tu takyah lilit dah. just pasang and pin je."

Ira in her Sarees.

Grooms Indian attire (kurta?)
Ooopss..Finally, not to forget her beaaaautiful bouquet, exclusive by craftsfrenzy :)

Stay tuned for Part II-Royal Reception (Bintulu)

Till then.

*Pictures are taken from Ira's facebook. I believe the credit goes to Mr. Fyzal Yusof. 
Thanks for sharing :)


  1. hanhan, itu gadis cousin kepada ex-classmate saya muahaha. :P

  2. really?hehe.keciknye dunia kan :)so you've met her too?

    1. i dont remember, maybe pernah. because her couzy Shaza duk sbelah saya je dlu in class back in 2000