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Thursday, January 26, 2012

~Real Weddings : ASz & IrA- Part II-Royal Yellow Reception~

Hello everyone :)
Still in my lazyyy holiday mood. hehe..Well, here's part II of Asz and Ira's wedding. This time, I'm gonna review their reception at Bintulu (Bride's side).

Theme : Traditional Malay Wedding
Colour : Royal Yellow
Designer : Butik Shawn Puchong
Material : Indian Songket

"utk 2nd outfit, baju reception i di bintulu, sblah perempuan. material kain songket india and chiffon color kuning. actually kalau songket terengganu lagi lawa kot, tp harga mahal lagi la...
 i choose kain songket india coz murah skit, and then sama jgk cntek nya..."

Royal Yellow wedding

 " I buat dekat butik shawn puchong. serious designer die tip top. owner die nama shawn. die mmg terbaik la..... die mmg sgt2 baik, and tak pentingkan keuntungan langsung... 
kalau sewa tak sampai 1k pon. kalau sewa buat baru pun masih murah, tak reach 1k.
kalau beli terus including material die provide, 1.5k sahaja. murah kan? sgt murah. that's why my baju bersanding tu i beli terus, i x sewa.
Design dgn die,i ikut design baju kawen elyana skit2...
Design bju laki i ikut design baju kawen husband ning baizura.but then ade here and there jgk ubah, ikut kreativiti designer tu "

Shoulder Detailings

Baju pengantin kuning diraja

Satin brooch Bouquet in action

Sleeves/body detailings

Outdoor photoshoot. Love this photo!

What can I say more..The usage of yellow really gives you the rich Malay traditional  feeling..
Sesuai dengan gelaran 'Raja/Ratu sehari' yang disandang.
The bride requested satin hand bouquet adorned with brooches to go with her dress.
I'm glad it goes well with the dress. But somehow I think if I change the yellow flowers to red it will be better.

That's all for now. Part III-final chapter coming soon :)

*Pictures taken from Ira's facebook. The credit goes to Mr. Fyzal yusof And Mr. Syed Zaid Ali Al-Attas.
Thanks for sharing.


  1. sangat cantik... baru perasan royal gold nie sgt mewah untuk tema wedding :)

  2. Hihi.royal yellow dear..tapi memang nampak mcm keemasan kan..kalau untuk traditional theme,colour ni sgt sesuai!