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Sunday, July 3, 2011

~Bridal Bouquet photoshoot~

Well..Hello readers.
Just had my bridal bouquet photoshoot..With me as the model. Hihi :)
Had fun sangat..
Pictures credited to my best friend/batchmate, Adi Akmal (I'll do your wedding for free! :p)

So enjoy the pics.
(I hope nobody will vomit seeing my pics..hehe)

crescent shape bouquet
cascading purple and white bouquet.
feathery bouquet

All bouquets are artificial flowers.
Will upload more picchas later ya.

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  1. Askm Dear Hanhan..

    Semua bunga tangan you cantik2..akak nak tnya cmna u buat pemegang bunga tangan tu jadi besar dan boleh dipegang. Kalau pakai dawai jer mesti tak cam tu kan, pakai span ker, tuk nmpk tebal..actualy akak nak try buat tp curious skit dgn pemegang bunga tangan tu..

  2. Thank you for the compliment :) tangka​i tu just pakai dawai je..tapi size tebal..setiap bunga tu diikat dgn sbtg dawai..size 20 usually..then cantumkan..taklah tebal mane pun..nak tebal lagi balut dgn span atau tissue :) and lilit dgn ribbons..