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Sunday, July 10, 2011

~Bon Odori Festival 2011, Shah Alam~

Hey ya! 
For those who doesn't know what is Bon Odori Festival, let me do the honor of enlightening you.
Well, basically Bon Odori is a Japanese Dance Festival.Odori means dance (kalau salah maafkan bahasa jepunku yang berkarat ) 
Anyway, it's a traditional dance. Not the adrenalin pumping, acrobatic kinda dance ya.

Here in Malaysia it is celebrated every year..I used to attend the one in Penang during my secondary school. You see, that's a good thing when you're forced to learn Japanese. 
Imagine us, Nihon-Go no seito, wearing school outfits in bright yellow..dancing and joining the professional dancer in group. Siap masuk paper tau..Glamour habis..

During the festival, there will be booths selling variety of Japanese foods and stuffs. It's a good place to know about Japanese culture and cuci mata. Hehe, cute Nihon-jin! But don't be mistaken by some who masquerades in Yukata and cosplay. There Japanese wannabe M'sian like me..err..(That wannabe part is sometimes only OK)

Don't forget to take pictures with the dancers ya.

Hopefully I can go. The Japanese side of me, of course :P

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