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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

~Bunga telur purple Callalily/Hydrangeas~

Assalamualaikum W.B.T..and hellooo..
Busy busy me! It's been ages since I last post. Ampun..
I'll try to make it up..Few bouquets and bunga telur to share with my beloved readers :)

So here are two types of bunga telur that I've been working on.
60 pcs of Purple/white hydrangeas and 30 pcs purple callalily.

Currently assembling more bunga telur hydrangeas :) Purple/pink/white and turqoise/white.
There are definitely craftsfrenzy bestsellers! Alhamdullillah..

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I update there more often I think :p


  1. Boleh bg quotation utk 200 pc bunga telur calalily di

  2. salam,
    berapa harga for 100's utk bunga telur ni?

  3. salam..

    i really like those flowers. cantik sangat!! whr do i go if i want to know the price? how to place thw order? pls pls let me know, thx!!

    Lina 012 7820 665

  4. as salam, bunga pahar gambar yg terakhir tu berapa RM?