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Friday, March 16, 2012

~Of Yellow/pink Brooch Bouquet and City Of Sail~

Assalamualaikum  and hello! :)

Auckland is awesomeness!!!! Went there last week with my dear brother.
Mesmerizing view, it's like paradise on earth.
Cloudy and rainy summer in the city but it's shining brightly on our day at Piha Coast.

Piha Coast
Personally I feel that Auckland is a safe city for me to roam around.
6 days and 5 nights are definitely not enough.
Looking forward to explore this land of Kiwi and Maori again.

Auckland harbour

Ok, enough talk bout my vacation :)
Check out my latest brooch bouquet in yellow and pink hues.

Pink/yellow brooch bouquet

silver flower brooches and gold butterfly

Bouquet holder

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Till then!

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